@ Pratapvb Sir,@Admin-Regarding Combining trend and VWAP ranges Thread


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@ Pratapvb Sir,@Admin-Regarding Combining trend and VWAP ranges Thread

looks like Pratap Sir’s Thread Combining trend and VWAP ranges is missing/been deleted. :confused:

That thread was very useful to all of us.It had awesome techniques,AFL’s.
I personally,being a small trader has benefited from his methods and yet to read/study few more pages.

IF the thread has been deleted on Pratap Sir’s request,then I request him to please reconsider the delete request.
IF the thread is in hidden mode/missing due to some technical glitches,pls revert it..

IF none of above, pls let us know the reason.


Kindly us this:

as so many posts today where directed to this. No need to open again thread and posts about it, as it was mentioned and reported a few times already. It may has to do with copy right problems or system creators right.

With out reasons such threads are not deleted or removed from the forum.

Hope we will know some times in the coming future what was the reason to act like this.

Take care / Dan :)


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It would be great to get a response from Mods that they are aware and taking action or something to that effect.

Are there any login issues or are users being blocked in error. Vjay, pratapvb, Smart_trade, etc. not to be seen and their threads have also gone missing.


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Please update status of threads.


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this question is still a big question...
He said he said he is attending to some personal stuff and is often off trading. It worries me some times.

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