different between crypto trading and forex trading?

The main difference between forex trading and crypto trading is that you trade different assets. Crypto trading implies trading cryptocurrency and only, while forex trading implies trading various assets in order to reach the goal - extract profits via buying an asset and then selling it at the higher price. In my opinion, forex trading is much easier than crypto trading because of it's stability in relation to cryptos. Cryptos are so volatile that it's kinda difficult to foresee the price movement, especially when you're a novice. So, if you can't decide which way of trading to choose, then start from forex.
There are actually many forex brokers whose minimum deposit is $10. These different assets have different characteristic features and cryptos are more volatile than forex, but there are also much dangers to lose the money.
These are two different assets which are driven by different news and they act and react differently. More than that, cryptocurrencies are very volatili nowadays which is why so many newbies come to this market in search of easy money, but they don't take into account the fact that the higher volatility, the more potential risks exist. Currencies are more regulated and studied, so there is plenty of information about them online, but cryptos are relatively new financial instruments, so they are rather unpredictable.
I want to try crypto or forex since they are 365/24/7

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There are no strong differences between crypto trading and forex trading. Of course, we use various assets. When we speak about crypto trading we use cryptocurrency as the main asset. When we speka about forex trading our main assets are indices, currency pairs and other things. The main distinguishing trait between these two types of trading activity is that crypto trading is much more risky and dicey in comparison with forex trading. As you may know cryptocurrecy nowadays is so instable and as we can see bitcoin goes high and it doesn't exclude that tomorrow it will sharply drop down. Such rollercoasters are inherent to cryptocurrencies' prices.
Well, on the one hand, cryptos have bigger potential profits due to higher volatility, however, such a volatility is also associated with higher risks. More than that, there are still other risks which should be taken into consideration before coming to the crypto market. There are lots of cases of stealing the money from crypto wallets, there is also much scam around different cryptocurrencies themselves. I just remembered the case with the squid coin which was an absolute scam and the investors were left with no money in their pockets. Therefore, crypto market is some different world which you should know really well before coming to if for the profits. I am not going to say that crypto is just a scam, but I insis on the idea that a trader should know financial instruments that they trade pretty well and cryptos require lots of learning. However, I feel that it is worth it.
I love trading both, started with a small account for forex and expanded to trading crypto after I got more used to it. I like the opportunities that both offer, crypto can be more volatile but can be rewarding.