Demat Account required for stocks bought 20 years back?

Hello all,

I have few shares which were bought like 20 years back so now i wanted to sell them so do i need a demat account for them, as at that time transaction were made with no demat.

Do now a days demat account necessary to buy or sell any stocks which were held for like -15-20 years now?

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no matter how long you hold demat account necessary to sell.


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It depends on the stock. Majority of stocks are traded in DMAT form. Hence you will have to open dmat acct, and then submit a request to transfer your physical stocks to dmat form. Once they credited into your dmat acct, then u can sell them.

If you are lucky and those companies are still not moved to 100% dmat settlement but still settle paper shares, then u can sell them directly and give the physical delivery of them to your broker.

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