Opening Demat Account with IIFL Securities

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We are happy to be part of Tradeji community. We are here to share our ideas, products & services offered by us. We would appreciate your questions, suggestions & feedback about IIFL.
About IIFL Securities -
IIFL Securities is a SEBI registered stock broker offering online brokerage services. IIFL Offer to trade at BSE and NSE.
> IIFL also provide demat account services for Equities, Commodities & Mutual Funds etc.
> Demat & trading account with IIFL ensure that you have access to next generation trading platforms & tools.
> IIFL also owns a dedicated news & research site, where real time global & market updates, prices alerts, IPO information & NFO details are given.

Why IIFL Securities ?
  • Our Pricing
  • Our Research
  • Our Technology
    • Paperless 100% online account opening with Aadhar.
    • Free Trading Terminal, Website and Mobile Trading App.
    • Advance Margin & Brokerage Calculators.
    • Powerful Back Office.
    • No Prop trading. Client funds and securities are safe with us.
We would appreciate your questions, suggestions & feedback about IIFL Securities.
We are looking forward to actively engage in this forum.
Happy Investing!
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Please post for following details:

1. Pricing cash, FnO, Commodity
2. AMC for second year onwards
3. Trading terminal .exe type (not web or for mobile type)
4. Demo (working) available or not, if terminal is other than NestTrader
5. Procedure for 5 min account opening


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