Decent Mutual Fund - S.I.P for a newbie NRI ?

Hi everyone !
I have been a frequent visitor to this site but never bothered registering as I never was serious about investment into shares or mutual funds. I have finally decided to invest into a systematic investment plan and I think this is the best site to clarify my doubts and get decent suggestions.

I am an NRI based in Dubai. I am looking to start off with a, say INR 3000-4000 investment per month for lets say 3 years. I am not too conservative and would prefer a plan where returns expected would be higher.

Also, in an SIP .. the capital invested is safe right ? Or am I wrong about this ?

I know im asking for a lot and expecting a lot as well. But I seriously would appreciate if anyone could suggest some great options.

P.S : I have an NRE account with HDFC bank and also a PAN card.

Thanks in advance to everyone and apologize if this is a duplicate thread.:)

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