Looking for Sub Brokership with decent/simple trading platform


I am looking for sub brokership.

My requirements are as below.

1] Three form of trading platform is must
- Simple Web interface
- Destop installation
- Andriod/iPad version
- which works seemsless from behind firewall/proxy or anyother security in network

2] Cutomisation of these platform/software should be posible

3] Below features are MUST in all above platform
- While entering order end user can specify Entry Point (at what price he/she want to BUY/Sell), Exit Point (at what price he/she want to book profit), Trailing Stop Loss (at what price difference he/she want to exit this position)
- Order will GTD, GTC should be possible

4] PnL should be available on same platform

5] Decent speed is fine. If speed is not of super computer is still OK. 1 sec watch list is more than enough.

6] Low Priority features:
- Very Advanced Charting feature

7] Future plans only in desktop version:
- Should able to integrate with third party charting/trading application such MT4 etc
- User can send orders place/modify/cancel from these other open source platform/ application

8] Brokerage and deposit is not a issue.

Please Note:
For EXCELLENT service is of most important. I don't want to make another cheap chinease iPhone. Instead I am looking for build and sale actuall iPHONE.

So whoever thinks, he can easily satisfy above requirement, please free to contact me.

Vision is to have simple application only focused to trading which proper risk management in place. Also, which can detach trader/investor from emotions such as greed, fear, panic etc.

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