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UNO reverse card... haha... what a move :D

‘Provide details of 1,000 buses’: UP govt accepts Priyanka Vadra’s proposal
This comes hours after the Congress leader tweeted a video of thousands of migrants assembled at Ram Leela Maidan in Ghaziabad wanting to return home.
The plot thickens, my dear Watson. For anyone who's interested here's the "chronology"

16-May-2020 - Priyanka ji offers 1000 buses.
18-May-2020 - Yogi ji accepts the challenge. UP Chief Sec. asks for details of buses.
18-May-2020 - Priyanka ji sends details of buses.
18-May-2020 - 11:40 PM - UP Chief Sec asks for driver licence details of all 1000 drivers and fitness certificate of all 1000 buses by 10 AM next day.
19-May-2020 - 2:10 AM - Personal secretary to Priyanka ji alleges political motives and instead of red-tape, allow usage of buses provided.
19-May-2020 10:00 AM - UP Cheif Sec. adds vehicle insurance certificates of all 1000 buses to be provided. Also alleges that many of the vehicles are not buses but three-wheelers.

In short - anyone doing BJP-Congress is an idiot of the highest order (I have better words in native tongue but I restrain myself), because all this one-upmanship while the real victims - the migrants - continue to suffer.
bhai, social media is full of such fake news, images and videos, that are being spread by all sort of groups but especially by some particular groups (cant name them here) lol lol
even an image posted by a member in a thread, countered by me and in post # 6554 (of his thread)) and made viral of migrant labour, is from BanglaDesh (2017) of Rohingyas.
I even feel that the images in post #6555 are also fabricated ones, only to prove their ulterior motives :mad: :banghead:

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