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at least write to them. Get their response in writing.
Tejasji had contacted me yesterday through the conversion facility here on Traderji. He said he is looking into it. The futures position carry was spotted around 9pm by me that he did not know, I have also wrote him about it extensively and mentioned I, on record, called the support to cancel "all open positions around 2:38pm" . The contract note shows the buy was at 2:08:18pm. before my several conversations with the support.
I have also wrote to support, provided them the video clips.
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it looks like we all at some pt. need to move to Brokers like ICICI, kotak & Edelwise. because this so called "Glitch/ Tech. error" is now happening with discount brokers on daily basis.
Using NSE Now with any discount broker might be a good option. No need to pay such high brokerage with full-service brokers. IMO.
I have not faced a single problem during very high volatility today. Glitches with NSE NOW are very rare.


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A lot of discount brokers provide NSE NOW with same brokerage structure, you can contact them to know.
But 'Zero brokerage' is the better idea. Finvasia with NSE NOW is the BEST.


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do Finvasia chrge for NOW like Zerodha 300rs+18%GSTmnthly ?
can v use RTD1.5 wid them?
Presently NOW is free and no brokerage too at Finvasia. They have a thread here, go there to know more about them.

Don't know about RTD1.5. Better not to disturb your terminal with plugins to feed charting terminal, if u want optimal performance. I don't even recommend to install plus chart attached with Nse Now.
Stability of the terminal is more important.

An alternate way, you can run another broker Nest side by side to feed RTD1.5 etc. Use NSE NOW only for trading.