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Is the world simpler than it was before GST? This jury is in

The headlines have largely been driven by the following, “Comparing the design of India’s GST system with those prevailing internationally, we note that the tax rates in the Indian GST system are among the highest in the world. The highest GST rate in India, while only applying to a subset of goods and services traded, is 28%, which is the second highest among a sample of 115 countries which have a GST (VAT) system and for which data is available.”

This criticism is linked to the second criticism. “Next, we assess how the number of different GST rates prevalent in the Indian system, and thus its complexity, compares internationally. The Indian GST system currently has 4 non-zero GST rates (5, 12, 18, and 28%)…. Most countries around the world have a single rate of GST: 49 countries use a single rate, 28 use two rates, and only 5 countries including India use four rates. The countries that use four or more rates of GST include Italy, Luxemb ..
Interesting article. Please read the whole article.
The screen is being recorded.
All of the screen movements are being recorded ?? Continuously ?? I would like the details of that.

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Yes, overs 6 hours of recording there were no open positions and the margin was released. Everything has been captured.
6 hours of recording !!! How much disk space does that take ? Does it slow down the system ?? Which software ??