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I am a very young learner of TA and have done quiet a few TA course in last 2.5 years. Started learning Tech Analysis even while I was in Class XII!

I have eyeballed thousands of charts and am feeling the effect of "analysis paralysis" hence wish to stop analysisng and start trading.

Why have I chosen these Commodities? Because I found their charts to be easier to follow than the Stocks or FnO !

Using my TA skills, whatever little I have, will be posting the POSITIONAL trades for Crude Gold and Silver !

All levels shall be posted EOD ! (Please DONOT trade these levels as I am prone to errors)

Do post after 31st March 2014 what do you feel about the calls.

Rules I follow :

Buy/Sell levels generated EOD are subejct to changes due t Opening range next day and so would be the SL levels !

The present status is :

Crude : Gave a Buy signal at 5901 on 29th Nov 2013 and the Long got triggered on 3 Dec 2013
Long at 5901 gave an opportunity upto 6272 on 30th Dec 2013
On 30th Dec gave a Sell level of SELL below 6144 ! Today after mkt we will know whether the same was triggered today !

Silver :Buy signal > 44351 on 20th Dec and went long on 26th Dec , did a high of 45226! On 27th gave a Sell below 44559 which got triggered yesterday !

Gold : Sell below 30189 on 4th Dec 2013 and short triggered on 5th Dec 2013 and did a low of 28250 !

Shall update after mkt today or early tomorrow morning.


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I could not update in time because this Thread became visible only now ! :(
Maybe due to me being a New Member it was scrutinised before being posted. A good thing for any Forum!


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Aap itna sab free me kyon kar rahe ho?
Very frankly, I did not understand what you are pointing at ! ? he is New to trading and seeking views from others about his system that generated these trades.

BTW, I saw your other thread too, you seem to be doing the same ! :p
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