Covid19 FTSE100

Hi all,

I am a novice when it comes to trading so appreciate any feedback.

Due to the current situation with Covid19 I see an opportunity in the stock market to invest for the long game. However, I have a question?

Prior to me buying the shares I've eyed up does it make sense to wait a month or so to see the real economic impacts of this virus? I am thinking that when the government takes away its support packages we will see the real damage on the economy and there will be further stress on the FTSE? This being the case it would be better to invest a few months from now or at least wait a little.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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Combine Brexit with Corona to "guess" the impact on UK economy and FTSE in general.

4000 looks possible on chart, but I'm no expert. I read somewhere that Boris, even on his death bed, was reluctant to extend Brexit during corona crisis.. if everyone is looking after their own people and own currency, it might be difficult to save the sinking ship called UK.

On the flip side Brexit could prove to be lucrative, UK has solid institutions that are recognised around the world and some of the best engineers (RR, Dyson, Mclaren). Being a niche market within Europe it could do well. I can see the EU collapsing, general consensus in Italy from my understanding is that the EU is not favoured and the natural self interest countries took during the COVID outbreak will only exacerbate this leading to a domino effect.

The EU is weak and autocratic in my opinion.

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