Consistant Profits from last 8 Years.

Hello friends why is this forum silent. We should discuss it so as to find a solution. Can you please update as to what is he trading now as presidential election are near??


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Excellent if 8yrs straight worked, in the forums, its about knowledge sharing.
I know a trader who is making money consistently from the market....
what is strange by making money? Aren't we all trading for that? :)
why there is someone that trade to lose it instead?:confused:
except my newbie time (learned the hard way) small or big every year I have to finish green ... the day I finish red I promise myself I would give up trading

losing here and there doesn't mean one has to finish in red (lost) if so then one has better seen into their strategy etc.... JMO anyway :thumb:
its simple i know the Stratergy, A day before be will check for the charts know the lvls.. based on opening he will have his ready orders range fixed in reverse pyramid order like 1:2::3 and Fixed SL and Target will exit is 3:2:1 , this was being done from 2012 by a team of financial analysts who are now traders, of that team 8 memeber are from gujrat native. i spoke to almost 18 memebers team... individually they are at top level management of respective companies.