Cash refund from brokerage firms

Hi, friends,
Before 5 years i had opened accounts with sharekhan and ventura. I had paid rs:6000 extra deposit money in shatekhan and in ventura rs:7500 . After many trades in sharekhan, i have to be refunded the above said money.i took no trade in ventura.i also would like get back the advance money i deposited when i took the account.i have contacted to the headoffice for the refund, but they (ventura)
said that it is not possible, I have not tacken any trade with them, then why should they withheld the money i paid.
I hope that sharekhan will refund the extra money i paid.i will contact them next week.

Pls help somebody in this issue
I think during account opening, the sales person should have told you some terms and conditions regarding refund which you are missing out like x amount of brokerage or x amount of trades etc. Anyway as fellow member had suggested, try contacting sebi with all valid written proofs and documents.

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