Cash & Future IEOD Database For Amibroker


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Download Link :
Delete the underscore between 'rapid' and 'share'

Use The Following Links For Daily Updation :-
IEOD Cash : 4shared dot com/dir/7885638/133c8ad0/Intraday_Cash_Data dot html
IEOD Futurre : 4shared dot com/dir/1945306/b41e3d61/Intraday_Future_Data dot html

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I am getting below error while downloading IEOD cash data "IEOD_Cash_22-12-2008.rar"

This file is larger than 200 Megabyte. To download this file, you either need a Premium Account, or the owner of this file may carry the downloading cost by making use of "TrafficShare".

I have lost all my historical data due to harddisk crash :annoyed:- can some one help? I am using Amibroker and need historical data for NSE, BSE and Future...

Thanks in advance,



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thank you soumya_b for uploading..

can anyone describe is this tick / 1 min / hourly or 15 min ieod??? and also from which date it has?
its an 1 min data ,cash ieod from 2008 july,and future ieod from 2007 feb,from these dates available in sowmyas data link


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well i got the DB from the RS folder. Data is till, 30oct09. but whenever i try to connect this DB to amibroker, its not showing error, there are min 3 bars needed to show chart.

well can any one tell me the exact process to attach this DB in Ami & see the charts. plz note that i tried the Idat database settings (1min tick) as well as EOD.

i came to conclusion that, the broker.master file in DB is not correct or something is missing.

If the orginal poster can help with this, it will be really appreciated. it took me 5 hours for this download.