Capturing profits with technical analysis-new book

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here is the new book.
A method called LOCKIT comes out.

Guessing at trades is costly and unnecessary Don’t add risk to your trading — remove it!

Complicated trading systems suck up your time and give you headaches — What is it worth to simplify your profitable trading process?

Custom indicators can take years to develop and are sold or licensed for thousands.
In this comprehensive approach, you not only get the Short-Term Volume and Price Oscillator, but the entire LOCKIT approach, additional effective indicators, money management rules, and risk guidelines.

It is all just a click away—You even get all of the code for the indicators in the book and 30 days free Metastock to get going right way!

The simplicity of this book makes it worth its weight in profitable brokerage statements. Proactive in that it anticipates the moves that can make big money and reactive in that it can adjust to virtually any market climate—this guide is ideal for today’s trades.

Broken down into easy to follow steps, each one contributes to the huge potential this program offers:

L “Long-term” What is the Long-term trend?
O “Open” The rules for Opening a position.
C “Close” The rules for Closing a position.
K “K-ratio” Keep risk under control and manage your money.
I “Initial stop” Set an Initial stop loss.
T “Trailing stop” Set a Trailing stop loss.

LOCKIT makes generating profitable trades simple, realistic, and reliable.

Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis

What a REAL trader has to say about Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis:

This decade has been resounding proof that the philosophy of ''buy and hold'' doesn't work and certainly doesn't reduce risk. In the late '90s, advisors were illustrating returns above 12 percent because that is what they experienced from the market in the 10 years prior. Now, after two recessions in one decade where many lost half their portfolios two different times, I believe there is a new awareness about risk in the asset allocation methodology.
We are told time and again from investment representatives that return is derived from asset allocation, NOT market timing. I wouldn't want to be the one still selling that!

There is a vast difference between asset allocation and market timing. In between lies an area of opportunity that would shock the average investor who trusts their large firm investment advisor.

The Lockit system that Sylvain has outlined in his book is exactly such a system. You don't need to have years of experience in the market to understand this approach. He leads you step-by-step through the decision process of which stocks to buy and when. More importantly, he helps you determine an opportune time to sell.

The robustness of this system is what I like the most. It will work on any type of stock you want to follow. Some like the blue chip names while others look for more growth potential. Simply follow his methodical approach and you will come out ahead of the crowd.

Sylvain has taken the tools that I have liked the most and turned them into a complete system.

John M. Norquay

Table of Contents:


Part I : LOCKIT Technical Analysis Tools
Chapter 1 : Technical Analysis Basics
Chapter 2 : Indicators
Chapter 3 : Candlestick Charts
Chapter 4 : Elliott Waves

Part II : The SVAPO Oscillator and LOCKIT
Chapter 5 : SVAPO and ATR Trailing Stop

Part III : LOCKIT Price Projections
Chapter 6 : Price Projection Techniques

Part IV : LOCKIT Strategy and Results
Chapter 7 : LOCKIT Application and Rules
Chapter 8 : LOCKIT Application Results
Chapter 9 : LOCKIT Complementary Techniques

PART V : LOCKIT Money and Risk Management
Chapter 10 : Money and Risk Management

Appendix A : Availability of Formulas in Other Programs
Works Cited and Disclaimers
About the Author

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price $79 only.............

moreover not a new book

From the TradersLibrary Blog
Top 10 of 2010: #7 "Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis"
Some of you regulars will be familiar with the author whose book ranks #7 in this year's Top Ten--Sylvain Vervoort, a regular contributor to the TL blog, released his first book, Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis: Hands-on Rules for Exploiting Candlestick, Indicator, and Money Management Techniques,just over a year ago and it has proven to be a bestselling trading book. Inside, Vervoort reveals his own "LOCKIT" system, introducing you to a number of special indicators--including his own "SVAPO" (short term volume and price oscillator) and techniques for a more successful application of technical analysis. The book comes complete with MetaStock code for all the indicators and techniques included so that readers can put the info into action immediately. As you can tell from Sylvain's blog posts, he is passionate about trading, and this book reveals some of his best secrets.
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SVAPO indicator and atr based stoploss both available on net free.,



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SVAPO by itself not so much ok,but needs support from trailing stop and zerolag ema.
These two make the tool sharp edged.
see it on chart
overall trend - short bearish why? price is below trailing stop line.
aiming at short trades gives edge.