Can Someone help me out with this - Very urgent


One of my relative was working with a leading software company. He went on assignment to US before 4 years. When he was there he purchased ESOP's. and handed over the document and the money to the US department of their company in two parts. By that time the company decided to move all their documents division to India.

And his documents got missed but the amount was credited in his account. He was sending lot of mails to the company representatives. And when he was here before 2 years he asked his company people and they said they are arranging the same from their HO.

Later my relative resigned from that company and moved to Canada on job. He tried to contact the company people. But no one took responsibility. He tried to communicate with the Company senior executives. And they replied now nothing can be done as of now. But still the second part of his shares did not come so far.

Can someone help me with this as to how should he proceed further.


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