Can one have two demat accounts?


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What is your experience with MOSL? How much brokerage they charge?
They charge 0.4 for delivery and 0.1for intraday. Fixed approx 700/- for DP , no extra for in or out stocks from DP if traded through them.
I trade through their franchisee. Thay can offer even better rates directly if you have a good turnover.
Problems with ICICI

----> Damn slow servers...expecially slow in the morning

----> Hgih brokerage charges i.e 0.7+ STT+ service tax= 1% on buying and selling for delivery based.

----> Auto logging off......bugs me a lot.

----> Money is alloted 3 days after selling of stocks (probably using it for their transactions or giving in for short term to other customers).

----> Very few stocks listed in BTST.

----> Buy execution is slow.

these are some based on my experience.

(the worst part in all those is the late fund allocation)

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