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BEL good chart to study, After steep fall from 120 touch the 75 in Aug to Oct then keep sideways for 6 months creating a range from 75 to 95. Finally broke the range and moved non stop to 112. Now interesting to watch if it get stuck to 120 price from where it drop previously.
Tata Steel failed Trade

Weekly in down trend

Daily was retracement, continue towards downtrend,

On 25 June open gap down suggesting broke down squeezing trangle and taken a short position. It was false breakdown and then Tata Steel taken a U turn and created big green bullish candle.. continue on second day ie 26th June and broke up total more than 6% up in two days. Stop loss not placed at the start of the trade, and then result in big loss. Just a reminder for my learning to place sl with order. Do not hope for it will reach to your stop loss level. Trade what you see and not what you feel.




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