BSE or NSE - which suits whom?

Is the myth that the BSE is better suited for the long-term investor true?

Is the co-myth that the NSE is better suited for short term capital gains also true?

Are there more sharks amongst the brokers at the NSE than at the BSE?

If yes, does this have to do with the non-vegetarian and stressful lifestyle of the average North Indian (me being North Indian plus vegetarian)?

Who can shed some light on all this?


Where did you pick all this up from?? And as you said yourself, they are myths... are myths true??

What does being veg or non-veg have to do with investing?? :eek:

Myth: A fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology.
Non vegetarianism makes one aggressive because of its animalistic vibration. The aggression can reflect in one's approach towards the stock-market amongst other things. It can make one take on more risk.

No need to get angry, I actually get a feeling while trading at the NSE that I'm not getting the best deal with the concerned broker.

Sometimes I feel that the NSE fluctuates more, but maybe I'm wrong.
Okay, dont want to get into the veg/ non-veg discussion on this forum...

About the NSE/ BSE argument, the NSE volumes are double that of the BSE. Almost any stock that is listed on both exchanges will have a higher liquidity and lower impact cost on the NSE. Maybe you need to change your broker. He maybe allocating the more favorable trades to some other (more lucrative) client and you may be getting the trades at worse prices.
lol.....enjoyed this discussion.Aggression and vice versa are states of mind.Had been vegetarian for quite a long time,and a non veg for another significant part.Had traded during both times.No difference.....Frankly,Be veg or non veg,but follow all your trading rules,risk n money management,etc.You will succeed.....your preference of food's got nothing to do with it!!
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Vegetaraianism need not be restriced to food. In chat rooms, CNBC women are discussed half the time and I leave it to your imagination the proportion of vegetarianism.
Let us forget veg or non veg and proceed with NSE / BSE
NSEs scripts have high volume & supported by many brokers than BSE.
But you can find many penny stocks in BSE, which almost doubles in bullish phase and tumbles & troubles in bearish phase. I personally prefer trading in NSE.
Hi all,
A very inresting discussion is going on!!!!----Coming to the topic of veg an nonveg----my wife follows strict veg diet,but with regards to gossip columns,she can be as nonveg as anything---while I follow a non veg diet,but I am not as aggresive in rumours and gossips as my wife---even though the discussions of the CNBC women --their trends,looks and lifestyles r a regular part of our chattings.
As for NSE-BSE topic--- I personally is in fovour of NSE in terms of liquidity.

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