BSE NSE EOD DATA till May 15, 2015 ! Metastock format

BSE NSE EOD DATA till May 15, 2015 ! Metastock format

Here are the links to download :

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thanks for this use full link
i just saw it today can u give me latest eod file link for nse and nse fo and bse for metastock format i uses metastock for analysis
thanks in advace


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woff nse cash devided by nifty 50 and other stocks. any way very good contribution. do u know how to conbine a-z and nifty data in one meta database
after downloading the antivirus says there is a virus and we cannot open the file. Please upload current data base in metastock format
Hi rkkarnani ,

It seems file format of data is .... Could you tell me name of the software, which is used for creating the below ascii txt ( or metastock data files)

Dear rkkarnani,

I am learning Metastock now. I downloaded your files with data upto may 2015, but I am unable to download EOD data for rest of the months in 2015. Can you please share your up-to-date database of Metastock of NSE EOD data. And if possible, include Nifty index historical data too, which is missing in the database.

Thanks a lot.


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