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Educating, saving and advising will always be the business models of the brokers, not only here but all over the world. And like I said your perspective is still of a trader. You are talking that at this Phase its hard to do the job, and sounding like you are indicating bull market is over, but you may be wrong, India may be in multi year bull market which isn't over yet.
Other brokers are doing business too, be it a bull market or bear market broking business never stops. Its on you how to make it work, so if you want to be in this business there is no good or bad time. Just start today and increase your client base - its a process of building base over the years, so if in his area if he can think he can make it work then why not now?

I thought your perpective is of a trader, but you threw that at me.:)

I was just hinting that these standard practises would be ok if market is bullish. But all of us know markets are not always the same.

Dont know where you found my market prediction.

I dont disagree with what you said. You are so right as buying a low p/e stock;)


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Deposit is 1.5 or 2.5L, not sure, but not 50k.
Clients will come running if they make money, for that the sub broker needs to advise correctly. Most of the sub brokers cannot read the market so only draining clients through brokerage.
Gone those days with huge deposits. Top brokers are offering for 50k. Some of them offer for initial 25k and rest could be paid later as deductions from monthly payouts. Many small brokers are offering without deposit.

But always go for big broker. many advantages in that.