Brokers providing same funds account for commodity and equite


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I have account with Zerodha to use charting if it's a problem with Tradejini. Any idea if Tradejini provides better margin leverage for intraday trades as compared with Zerodha? Even if it provides similar margin as that of Zerodha then I would be happy with that and opening account with Tradejini will solve my need.
It provides similar margin. Been using for some time. Traded Crude, Stocks and USDINR with single funding.:)

Tejas Khoday

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Just came across this thread. As a broker, we want to provide this facility! In fact, we are one of the handful brokerages in India to have acquired both the equities & commodity exchange licenses in the same business entity. Almost all other brokers have separate companies floated for this purpose and the question of unifying funds in a single ledger is out of the question in such cases. Until late 2015, the commodity markets had a separate regulator called the Forward Market Committee (FMC). It was then merged into SEBI who then became the unified regulator of both, equities & commodity markets in India. However, the rules have not changed much since the merger. Clients are supposed to maintain separate margins and ledgers for each segment and interoperability of funds is a major grey area which nobody is willing to resolve at the moment. Our team has personally been in touch with both the exchanges and software guys to see how this can happen but it is not so simple! It's one thing to implement and differentiate from the crowd but another thing to be penalized by the regulator if they consider it a breach of compliance.

I cannot comment on other brokers' business practices but I speak from experience of dealing with all the related parties & stakeholders to the best of my knowledge at the moment. I have written a bit about this in our recent blog post, Introducing MCX.

P.S - I wonder why some posts feel like hidden promotions! Everything is not about leverage. This is not conducive to help build awareness of the core issue that stops brokers from achieving this end. You see, the exchanges also don't like to stick their neck out and give written confirmation on matters which they don't want to delve into. However, I am positive that in the coming future, it is a likely possibility considering both NSE and BSE have started their own commodity segments. We are in a wait & watch mode.

@UberMachine, Thanks for bringing some awareness to the viewers.

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