Broker which provide 5x+ margin for selling option? Fed up of RKSV issues


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check how your broker is profiting from you from charges . Its OK to pay broker, but know why they are charging. Charges also reveal whether they are honest. Typically you look at Margin / Leverage depending on your type of trading. We are not probably looking into other charges.


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Hi Folks,

I'm using RKSV for F&O but getting tired of everyday issue with nest not working, order hanging etc. Neither their customer care helpful anymore.

Can someone suggest any other broker which pays 5-6x margin for intra sell like rksv? Zerodha is ok but just 2.5 times which is too less for me, any other broker which is reliable ?

NEST stop working !?!!!!!!
i thought there could be issues only with their fancy platforma and i could became a fan boy


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Increased capital in zerodha. Using rksv but little, as stucked past 20 mins again.

Also using kotak looks ok for now.
user @headstrong007 was asking for the kotak's charging, particularly if you are a direct customer (no sub-broker) and you are on their FIT (free intraday plan).


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Fortune is also giving very high leverage with Nifty Rs 5000, BankNifty, Crude Rs 3000. Although the turnover charge is little high 490, but there is at least a brokerage calculator (not like Kotak).
The offer in future is similar to Asthatrade(even lower intraday margin at Fortune).

Don't know if there is any good intraday option writing margin leverage, interested people may contact and share the info.
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