Broker for NRI

I am looking for a good broker for NRIs. I came across Zerodha and TradePlusOnline. Zerodha looks very attractive and the price is good too but TradePlusOnline seems to be the only one that provides Intraday Trading and BTST for NRIs with NRO account. Is there anyone who has used TradePlusOnline? How come they are providing Intraday for NRIs when no other broker is.
I already have a Trading account with HDFC but they are charging way too much.
i use Finvasia... It's not that great but 0 brokerage charges... i use NRO for intraday trading but only FNO is allowed in stocks and indices,,, no trading in direct equity shares in intraday....

I think if you are ready to pay brokerage etc then maybe TRADEPLUSONLINE or ZERODHA... but if you want 0 brokerage AND CAN BEAR WITH THE NOT SO GOOD PARTS of FINVASIA then it is good for you.

PS There is a thread here on finvasia also., you may search for it...


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