Bracket order (BO) trading MCX - Discussion and RT trades


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Hello All - I am starting a new thread to share the knowledge about the easiest order execution method for Scalpers/Intraday traders. If you know this already please ignore.
This thread will focus only on Bracket order in NG,Crudeoil,Lead,Zinc,Aluminium.
Gone are the days where one buy, one SL and one target order concept with big margin and efforts.
You can easily trade using BO which automatically places Stop loss and target order and most importantly it Auto cancels SL if target hit and vice versa. Additionally less margin required too.
Warning: Read below and be prepared before you start trade. And start only if you can afford
Zinc will shrink your thoughts
Lead will bang your head
Crude will become rude
Natural Gas will increase gas in your body :)
Please keep in mind that we are trying fishing using a small net in a sea loaded with sharks and yet need to play safe.
Trading Expectation: 1:1 or 1:2 risk reward ratio.
Trading Style: Reversal Candle pattern, Fibonacci, Volume, Support and resistance. NO BUY OR SELL ARROW/ALERT SIGNAL INDICATORS
Daily Margin: 3000 (3% out of my total capital)
Profit expectation: 3000+
Maximum loss: 2400 as my broker will square off at 80%
Important Point to note: If Maximum loss for the day is hit then no trade else will continue..
Chart software: MT4 with Candlestick or Heikenashi.
Timeframe: 1,5,15 minutes for intraday and D1 for trend analysis. 1 minute when big moves, 5 minutes when moderate moves and 15 minutes when small moves
Documentation: You can do a quick google using reversal candlestick pattern, How to draw/calculate Fibonacci,Support and resistance etc. Have also attached candlestick patterns trading guide just for reference.
Free indicators and tools to support MT4 trading decision: I dont encourage cracked version of indicators which obviously wont work.
Pivot indicator name - vS_PivotsD_v4 - This will help to plot todays open, yesterday low, yesterdays high, Previous close, S1,S2,S3,DPV, R1,R2,R3 and midpoints as well if required. Please google to get it as I am unable to upload this file type.
Fibonacci indicator name: JJN-Fibo - This will automatically draw fibonacci levels for the day including immediate new high/low however some times this picks the high or low of previous day so check the high low before taking decision based on fibonacci else draw it manually in the tool.
I am a full time trader and will post charts with logic from Friday - Vijayadasami and hope to see many participants sharing knowledge. I will respond to any logical and helpful questions during my free time and please dont spam by asking unwanted questions as i added as much as information in the this first post itself.

Thanks for reading and happy Saraswathi pooja and Vijayadasami



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Hi zabeen, great to see after a long time.How's going? Hope still GLS Data for MT4?
Hi Vinod - Good to chat with you after long time... Life is going cool with the blessings. Gone are the days where 3000, 1500,1000 for mt4 data. Now we can get good MT4 data at 500 or even 350 now.


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Can u share ur current template of above quoted chart?Btw r u using Sonic R now?
As mentioned in post no 1.... its just pivot and heikenashi indicators. Yellow line is manual fibonacci drawn by me and unable to upload mql4/ex4 due to limitations. Let me know if you find it difficult to get it from google. I still use it.

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