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Bollinger bands are actually indicators as to the volatility of a particular security. As a result, for trading purposes, one would want to look at the activity of trading within the bands in conjunction with another tool, such as the Relative Strength Indicator, to properly undertake investment decisions.

Historically, when a price movement has been identified originating at one of the Bollinger limits, it will more likely than not continue at least to the opposite limit band.

Bollinger bands are in essence a graphic representation of the volatility that exists in the market for any particular stock. As such, they allow the investor the possibility to identify periods where opportunities for the undertaking of successful positions can arise.

When used in conjunction with other indicators, the knowledge and use of Bollinger bands can greatly improve any individuals trading performance.
Bollinger Bands and Trading

Bollinger bands is without a doubt one of the greatest tools ever created to aid the astute trader with his entries and exits.

The reaction of an upper or lower band to approaching price provides the active trader with a tale tale sign of what will likely take place over the next few bars or more.

This reaction provides valuable insight into whether or not this will be just a few bars or quite a few bars.

Likewise the upper bands "personality" during this time is also very telling.

BB with RSI:
On a choppy day ,with RSI ,it works very well,

BB trading:

BB with RSI+Stochastics

Bollinger Bands is rather under-rated indicator.

Trading with BB is rather simple.If if hits the top band then SHORT it.
If it hits the bottom band BUY it.If it grazes the bands go in the same

EMA crossover method has been used extensively for Long Term
view.But it can be used in conjunction with Bollinger Bands for
day trading also.

The positions of Candles with respect to Central line is crucial.
If the candles are below the central line near the bottom band
SHORT it.For LONG entry the conditions are just reverse.

Inputs by SavantGarde:

Rules For Going Long Or Short Is As Follows:


Entry On Immediate Completion Of Green Candle After A Lower BB Piercing Candle.

Exit- I: Immediately On Upper BB Piercing
Exit-II: On Completion Of Two Consecutive Red Candle.
S/L: Completion Of Two Consecutive Red Candle
S/L Immediately After Entry: Low Of BB Piercing Candle


Entry On Immediate Completion Of Red Candle After Upper BB Candle Piercing Candle.

EXIT-I: Immediately On Lower BB Piercing
EXIT-II: On Completion Of Two Consecutive Green Candle
S/L: Completion Of Two Consecutive Green Candle.
S/L Immediately After Entry: High Of BB Piercing Candle
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Hi Columbus,

Good Thread To Start, I Remember Having Posted A Year Back, BB Was One Of The Most Underrated Indicator, Yet A Very Powerful Tool

I Am Glad You Have Started A Much Needed Thread.

Happy & Safe Trading

Thanks Sometimes even good threads are often buried.Alas !!!!My point is to prove BB is a good method,that is why I am enclosing CHARTS also. As rightly
pointed out by you BB is one of the underrated Indicators,this is a small
attempt to bring it's potentiality to bring full use.


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Columbus bhai...With ur inputs we can find ways/methods that best suite our intraday needs, ofcourse with savant sir ,prasad,u and other seniors around...


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Columbus bhai...With ur inputs we can find ways/methods that best suite our intraday needs, ofcourse with savant sir ,prasad,u and other seniors around...
Hi pk,

The inputs from Sawant,Prasad,Other senoirs & YOU are highly appreciated.
Let Sawant take initiative/provide guidance as he is VASTLY informed ,of
course if time permits.
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