binary options

  1. S

    Binary Options Trading or Gambling

    Seek advice on so called binary Options or CFD (Contract for Difference), Any one tried or experienced with any of brokers like,iqoption etc their are 100 of them located mostly in cyprus. Based on my limited knowledge this looks to be speculations on financial instruments including...
  2. Billa

    Non-EU Student in Germany Forex trading Legality

    Hi Traders, I need clarification on few things regarding the regulations in Germany for Non-European student(NRI) who wants to trade in Forex Market. 1) Whether NRI Student (doing PG) in Germany can trade in Forex/ Binary options ? 2) If its Legal for Non-EU student in Germany to trade...
  3. S

    Hi Every one

    Hello Every one My Self SK I am from South India and have good trading experience in Forex and Binary Options. But i already quite trading Forex when started with Binary Options. Is there any one who trades binary options, Please get in touch with me. Very soon I am planning to start...