BHEL could be tasty


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BHEL’s numbers for Q3 weren’t exactly setting the market on fire. But it’s possible the market is over-reacting to the numbers.

The stock is down almost 25% in last 15 days - and even if we extrapolate the earnings from yesterday’s announcement, it is still available at a relatively cheap 20x earnings. Not bad for a profitable company with negligible debt, and sitting on humongous land holdings that can be monetized in current environment.

The company is making a transition to be a modern player in Electricals, investing in capabilities including solar.

It is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the National Infrastructure Pipeline of $1.4 Trillion, because power constitutes lion’s share of that initiative.

The thing about markets is that sometimes the bad news is the best news - because it throws up excellent bargains. BHEL at 36 is very likely one of them.


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The stock is at a price last seen in 2004. It is back at the prices of 16 years ago. It traded above 300 in Oct 2010 and has since been on one continuous decline. The low of 60 touched in 2016 was considered the bottom for the stock and now it is available at half the price. Nothing about the stock generates confidence for me to invest. I would rather invest in growth stocks which are in the uptrend. I guess each person looks at the market with a different lens.
Tomorrow is the time to enter BHEL, if NIFTY gets circuit hit taking it all the way to 2001 lvls. Buy & forget!! Min 1000 qty. Who is going to buy YesBank ?? Thx for the post title, never looked at BHEL before. Setup looking good per Elliot Wave theory.

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