Best Long Term Recommended Picks?

Hi There,
I am not your usual active day to day investor but I do enjoy investing in stocks, Although majority of my investments are through the Mutual Funds.

I wish to know what long term picks (5-10 years) you people recommend (Both Midcap and Largecap) and the recommended entry price level for these.

I am basically interested in companies where I can invest and forget (Although I know no such company exists but I guess you know what I am trying to say here).

I know that such information would benefit a lot of other people (lazy :D ) so please do post your opinions and suggestions.

I am currently having 100 TCS Shares with Avg Purchase Price/Share at 920 Rs.

Looking forward to all your recommendations.


Varun Shoor
Hi Varun Shoor,

I fall into a similiar category as you do and am using a weekly newsletter by, which provides buy/sell signals for the long term and also tracks performance of its signals.

Its been over 2 years since I have been using this newsletter and it has suited my trading style (although I still have to devote some time each week).
Definately one can think and invest in Indian stock market for long term, still market has a long way to go. Between that it can swing both sides but long term is very bullish. Being the largest democratic country it gives a lot of scope for FII's and Mutual Funds to invest in a big way. A wise invesment is diversified the stocks in different sectors for a term of 5-10 years. One can get back their returns handsomely.
Invest in stocks like large parcipating sector like cements, pharma and multinationals and technology. Particularly pharma and technology play crucial role in the coming days along with textiles.
Excellent suggestions, I have already subscribed to Traders Edge India, Seems like a superb resource to earn good return over period of months.

What are your opinions on long term investment in following companies over the period of 5-10 years.

1) TCS
2) Biocon
3) Tata Power



Varun Shoor
What makes you to think New Standard Engineering (NESCO) is good? Any turnaround expected? It paid no dividend even when its profit was good. In the I quarter (Jun04), it made a loss.
Any further information on the other two?

NSE is a good value for money pick. I think the equity capital of the company is only Rs.2.40 crores. Market cap is around Rs.17.00 cr and the value of the property is many many times over. The money they are making from letting out of the sheds owned by thim also appears to be huge. Though no dividend has been given for a very very long time, present working is also very good.



New Member
best picks fo years to come ....

union bank
..... buy them and see ur money grow. for years to come... happy harvesting.


Super Moderator
Here are some of my long term stock picks:

Shr Cement
Union Bank
Tata Honeywell
Raymond Ltd
Indian Overseas Bank
Strides Arcolab
Max India
Elder Pharmaceut
Jain Studios

Some of these stocks could be illiquid, therefore please check traded volumes before making investments.

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