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A security alert may display; click yes. The first screen should be a File Download screen, asking whether you would like to open the file or save it to your computer. Please select Save.

You should then see a Save As window, which will ask where you would like to save the file. The best place to save this file is on your desktop. In order to do this, access the pull-down menu adjacent to the words, Save in: From the items available in the pull-down menu, select Desktop. It should be among the choices located at the top of the menu selections.

Click the Save button located in the lower right corner of the screen.

The file download should commence at this point. If a download complete window remains after the download has finished, close it by clicking on the X in the windows upper right corner. When asked to Open, Open Folder, or Close, click Open.

This should launch the InstallShield Wizard, which will walk you through the remaining steps in the installation process.

On each screen, choose the highlighted default menu choice. In order of appearance, they should be:






After the installation is complete, choose Finish.

You should note that the simulator.exe icon on your desktop has been replaced by a SimTransAct icon.

Now, double-click the SimTransAct icon. In the simTransAct Logon screen, enter:

User Name: simuser

Password: simuser

From the Account pull-down menu, select

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