BankNifty Trading Calls Diary

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I am starting my first tread on traderji. This thread will act as my own diary because this is the site which i access everyday, so thought of putting my calls here so that i can track them. Due to lack of money i am not taking any positions in this but want them to be written down somewhere. All calls are based on EOD data of previous day and time frame to trade (Entry and exit) is next day.

there are some rules which need to be followed:
1. If the call is sell then sell it at day open .
2. Exit and SL is as per individual greed and risk appetite.
3. If market bounce back and come to the price where you had initiated the sell call then close the trade and go for long.

vice versa for buy call.
Tomorrow is sell signal for bank nifty futures. If opened above 12322 then buy bank nifty and if price traces back to 12322 then initiate sell again.
Right now i am tracking only Banknifty but i think i might start tracking Nifty future also.

Will let you know the calls for tomorrow at the end of todays session.

What i personally will do when i have money is after market opens i.e 9.15 i will wait for 5 min and then initiate the trade either sell or buy and if market traces back to the price on which market got opened (at 9.15 ) i will reverse the trade.

Any Comment by experts are welcome.

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Tomorrow is again Sell signal for both Nifty Futures as well as BankNifty Futures. Sell both at open and if market fall and then bounce back to open price then close the sell trade and go long.

Be cautious tomorrow as you may see some upward moment tomorrow. So as long as price bounce back to open from low go long.
7 out of 12 Bank Counters are trading +vely. and rest may soon join them, So if you are short then you might need to book the profit or keep strict stop loss. i think The upward moment is not hurt that much but still be at safer side and keep strict stop loss
Now All the analyst on the TV will say, Market is in towntrend 5800 is crucial level not it will go only downwards and all.

Any one can say this with a disclosure right.
Today banknifty closed at its minor support. if it goes down 11150 then there are sell opportunity. next support is at 10700. So i am still bearish on banknifty but will sure take into consideration the above points.

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You didnot mention how u chose a trade any trading software or u trade with TA like me????????????????

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