Automate your Option Trading Strategy without coding


Algo Trader
An an easy-to-use execution platform called, OptionX where any traders can automate their option trading strategy without any coding. Also, they can simply copy/paste their existing strategy from Stockmock and execute it with platform.
There are list of pre-defined strategies available in the platform, you just have to click on any of the strategy, click Trade to execute the same. If a user want to execute Short Straddle strategy, he just has to select it, enter the desired stop loss %, I have specified 25% in the below example. And click on Trade button, you just have to select your broker.

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Based on the LTP of Bank Nifty spot, the bot would automatically calculate ATM strikes along with 25% stop loss orders, you just have to click on place.

All orders will get placed instantly

You can verify the orders in your Zerodha account as well

And can see pending STOP LOSS orders

If you want to execute any multi leg strategy that you have created with stockmock, you just have to copy/paste the link in

Paste the strategy and submit

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OptionX platform will automatically load your strategy, you just have to click Trade and execute

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All multi legs option strategy can be executed with click of a button

You can also customize your own strategy, you just have to select the desired instrument Nifty or Bank Nifty, select weekly or monthly contracts, specify the strikes you want, lot size, stop loss and targets. If you wish to execute the strategy at 10 am, just save the strategy, login at 10 am and click on Trade. That’s all. It will get executed instantly.

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Since KITE Publisher API is used, there is no API charges you need to pay to Zerodha, also platform is completely free.