Aurobindo’s positive aura


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Last year Auro promised to become debt free within 3 years... but selling off a "consistently profitable" company for that and for "strategic purposes" doesn't make sense... do you have any insights/inputs, protrade sir, why this deal was hastened?
Btw your threads are consistently a food for thought and make me dig deeper (which I will in this case too)... I may or may not agree with your conclusion on LnT but your thread provided an impetus for further scrutiny.
I presented 5 reasons why L&T is an attractive buy. And 3 out of the 5 played out. Especially the point about Infrastructure being best area for stimulus. Now L&T is in much better valuation. I would suggest trimming your exposure to the stock to some extent.

The super attractive play now is Aurobindo.
Excellent price action in Aurobindo counter over last few weeks - stock has been successfully shrugging off bear cartels, and consolidating around 890 levels.

Natrol sale has been completed, plus company has announced a vaccine manufacturing plant for their own vaccine as well as for others. This is the sort of supportive news flow that markets like.

And there are several recommendations by multiple reputed brokers, calling for 1000+ targets on this counter.

Should be very interesting in the next few days!

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