attractive brokerage

3 paise per hundred or 0.02% on intraday futures and Cash (further negotiable to 2 paise based on trade volumes)

20 paisa or 0.20% on delivery.

1% on options or Rs 100 whichever is more for options. (further negotiable to 0.50% or Rs 50 based on trade volumes)

Does that sound attractive?



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Hi TradeHunter,

Sharkhan has given me same brokerage.I am thinking of RKGLOBAL who has brokerage offer lesser than Sharekhan.But I am waiting for reviews for RK.

Indiabulls recently have offered lesser than Sharekhan - 1 paise for Intraday (Cash / Futures).

Need to check with Indiabulls also ...

Will update after confirming from the above two brokers.


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