Are there any taxes or charges except Capital Gains and Exit Load ?


I have a specific query regarding the Mutual Fund Investment I made.

I bought MF-X at:
Units Purchased: 429.369
NAV when Purchased: 46.58
Total Cost Price: 429.369 * 46.58 = 20000/-

I sold MF-X when the exit load of 1% was applicable at:
Units Sold: 429.369
NAV when Sold:43.53
Exit Load: 1%
NAV post Exit Load: 43.53 - 0.4353 = 43.09
Total Selling Price: 43.09 * 429.369 = 18501.51/-

The AMC sent me only Rs. 18455.51/-

I cannot figure where Rs.46/- (18501.51 - 18455.51 ) were cut by the AMC.

I know the difference amount is small, nonetheless I would like to understand all the charges and taxes that are involved. Any help in explaining the discrepancy will be greatly appreciated.



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you can verify the NAV one day earlier or one day later. The NAV to be applied depends on the time you submit your form for redemption.

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