Y do so many companies have the same ISIN code?

Now what I want is if u check this link https://www.moneycontrol.com/india/stockpricequote/

there are more then 50k companies.

I need all these 50k companies ISIN codes. Can I get them plz. ISIN codes should not be the same for most of the companies. If someone can help me with this.

Like if you open A letter in the above link there are atleast 1000 companies and B with 1000 companies and so on for each and every Letter.

I need the symbol and ISIN codes in 1 excel sheet for all of them.

So excel sheet should consist of Company Name, Symbol, and ISIN code. Only these 3 coloumns nothing else


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As two individuals cannot have same Aadhar number so no Company can have same ISIN! Post the link of NSE where same ISIN is displayed.
The data in the file you uploaded is incorrect.

ISIN is assigned to listed and traded securities including stocks, bonds and warrants. It is not assigned to private and/or non-listed companies.

The ISIN is unique - two companies, bonds or even preferential shares / warrants of the same company cannot have the same ISIN.

Even partly paid shares of the same company have different ISINs. For example, the ISIN of Reliance Industries Limited fully-paid share (Rs 10 face value) is INE002A01018 whereas the ISIN of the partly paid share (Rs 5 face value) of the same company is IN9002A01032.