Anyone use Sharekhan How is service !

HI Deepak,

Lot of technical glithches as of now with sharekhan. they promised a lot but are not delivering. Wait for some more time. icicidirect is still a safe bet
deepak1979 said:

anyone use sharekhan...

how is service of sharekhan...

which online trading i will joing... pls. suggest

My dear Deepak,
pr_shetty is very right. ICICI is still the safest bet. Read all the posts in this forum & you will find a world of opinions on which broker is the best? All are the same or all are good or all are bad. So, what would you want in such a scenario? Safety first, Safety next & Safety last my dear friend. That's ICICIdirect for you, the #2 bank next to SBI today. I'm not soliciting but just giving you a straight-from-the-arm shot. Am pretty amused again at all this hullaballoo over choice of broker here. :cool:
A lot of people feel ICICI are the pits and they may be right.But Sharekhan is an unprofessional, uncaring and totally unresponsive firm.My experience, which I've written elsewhere in this forum, demonstrates their complete lack of concern for their clients.

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