Any Brokerage Firm gives Everything Involved In a Single Trade at Joining Time.


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Hi I am Curious to Know, Is There Any Broking Firm Which tells apart from Brokerage, what are all mandatory expenses levied and on what like turnover, etc

I am Talking About Exact Percentages for Futures And Options and Equities

1. Exact Brokerage (Varies from Broker to Broker, Hence Leave this)

2. Security Transaction Tax (Both Legs of Buying and Selling Or Single Leg)

3. Service Tax (Single Leg Or Both Legs)

4. Stamp Duties (Single Leg Or Both Legs)

5. SEBI Charges (Single Leg Or Both Legs)

6. NSE Or BSE Charges (Single Leg Or Both Legs)

7. Education Cess (Single Leg Or Both Legs)

8. Higher Education Cess.(Single Leg Or Both Legs)

9. Any Other Miscellaneous Charges (If Any) Kindly Confirm On This.

Why these things are always in Fine-Print. Why not in Bold Info.

Need Members Views On This.

Thanks Members.
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can i trust religare ? they told me that if i am unable to do settlement on friday they will not sell my stocks and they will charge 18% annual interest for my debit .
is it possible that without investing my own money i can trade by religares money by just paying 1.5 % monthly interest ?
if my stocks go down 50% what will happen ?
they have offered me 10 times liverage on delivery base trade.
i am a student and i trade only on delivery base with strict total investment is 10,000 rs.
plz,plz,plz help me on this issue.
My dear friend ........
Religare is not firm that keeps promises............
They will square off your position with charging interest.
And your investment amount is low... Dont go with any debit facility with any broker.
do your trades in your amount........... have faith in your own not in broker.....

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