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Download AFL Library :-

From the Readme.txt :-
This zip file contains the user contributed AFL script files available
in the AFL Library section of the web site.

To use these files with AmiBroker, simply expand the zip file into the:

x:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas

directory, where 'x' is the drive letter of the disk on which AmiBroker
is installed. Once that has been done, all of the files should be
available from the 'Charts' page of the AmiBroker 'Workspace' window under
the 'AFL Library' folder. The files are further categorized into several
sub-folders, such as 'Indicator', 'System', and so on, based on the
classification supplied by the original author of the file. If a file has
more than one classification, then it will appear in several different

This file is built automatically by a script that is run whenever new
AFL scripts are added to the AFL Library. The latest
version of the file can be found at:

It is also possible to be informed by e-mail whenever a new script is
added to the AFL Library. To be added to the list
simply send an e-mail to [email protected] with the text
"AFL Library update" in the subject line, and indicate that you wish
to be added (or removed) from the distribution list.

sir, this link to download the afl does not work?

Which is the best explorer AFL for intra and swing purpose?
please let me know [email protected]

I want to write afl in which sell should be after 3 day's closing price from the buy triggered, will anybody suggest how to write it.
(1) buy = some condition
(2) sell = ----------------- // third day closing price from the day buy triggered.



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AFL's For Saints Method Of Trading

Dear BvPraveen & Other Seniors of Amibroker on this thread

Am an ardent follower of Saint's method of trading - (Teach a man to Fish..., 60 minutes Flow & Mini Flow).

Am a novice to TA and Amibroker too.

Have recently purchased AB Pro version 5.20.

Just wondering if any of our experts in Amibroker who also happen to be an ardent follower of Saint's trading strategies has developed AFL's for the following:-

1. Identifying Pivots & Buying and Selling Points for Long Term Trades, 60 minutes flow as well as mini flow (intraday trades). Basically an AFL for getting trading signals based on Saint's method of trading.

2. Also, if any one has developed/written AFL's for backtesting the above methods purely for testing the most suitable filter's (mini flows especially as is quite cumbersome doing manually).

Would request you to share the same.

Thanks in advance


Copy the AFL and place in Amibroker - formula - custom folder, it will be usually in C:\Program Files\Amibroker\Formula

Next, open Amibroker, Click on View/Charts - select custom and you will see the AFL. You can double click to apply the AFL to the chart on the right side or you can right click and click on insert. Feel free to try different options there.

Hope this helps. Any questions, please post, will try to help.


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Thanks a lot, now I am able to apply that formula to a chart. Now next problem is I deleted one indicator on the left pane by mistake, and how do I get it back ?? Do I need to get the formula to calculate that indicator ??
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