All my Earnings of Last Year Perished in 2 days

Thats sad... I think you need to go back to basics of investing in stock markets.

Anyaways, I think you should not sell at this point and hold whatever you have. take a long term perspective and you may get all your money back and even may earn decent profits on it.
Long term is always good and most of the analyst give this condolence without even knowing what you baught and what levels you baught.

In rarest case if you baught all your socks when market was at 21K and every thing at top peak then it will take long time in that case say index should reach 30 K atleast. It might happen in year 2011 as of today but in long run their is risk even to the fundamentals.

My advice would be reevaluate your portfolio and do your own research to identify scripts to hold and also put time frame. If you have bad script you can exit it later when market gives better value.

so stick to fundamentals of investing.
after all its more of risk management and asset allocation.
but you call your self trader then you must have different approach and learn from your mistakes quickly. being at traderji atleast you should be on cash as it was alerted on this forum about the fall.

I lost 1 lakh value to my portfolio during this fall and hope it will be leveled soon. Hope the market rise fast.
Or I need to put few more lakhs to average out .
mr aksoni,
iam feel very sorry for you. now you dont trade in this volatile market. and dont sell the share that gone already down. be patient.
situation will become better in coming days.
so, be confident.


:( All Earnings of Last Year have perished in 2 days,
What the future of Stock Market in 2008 ? I tarde in Equities.
No words can console,my heart is with you.We all have been shaken with huge loss at some time or other.Plz be strict with your Stop / position size / depend only on own's reading of the movements ,if necessary sharpen that skill next time onwards.
Friend this Carnage has left most of us scarred.There will be brighter days ahead.


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my commiserations have stop losses especially trailing stops since u had profit..
this experience will only make you stronger and better in the future...
All of a sudden I see all the people have started talking about fundamentals !!! :p

In ahmedabad...police force has been sent near the lakes. God give some sense to crowd :rolleyes:

on a serious note: frnd dont get panic. go for a week on holiday ...dont look at your portfolio if you are sitting on huge loss.

you will get the time to exit even if the things go worse.

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