Account wiped out irredeemably by swap fees

I have made the most idiotic thing with CFD trading by opening hedged positions left and right whenever a trade went wrong, thinking that I can leave the hedged trades like that and deal with them later, not having the heart to close the trades at a loss. I didn't know about swap fees, even though I had noticed that column, I didn't know its meaning, nor bothered to find out. I also never once tried to tally the unrealized profits and losses against the free margin left, I would have atleast noticed that the free margin was lesser than expected, due to the swap fees. I only woke up to this when I noticed the sudden reduction in free margin at the end of Friday, with the 3 day swap fees applied. Attached is the screenshot of my open positions. I don't see any way to redeem, soon the remaining free margin would also be eaten up by the swap fees, I see no other way than transferring out the free margin and let the account liquidate. I thought may be I could add in another $4000 and close 2 short lots, if XAUUSD bounces upwards from the 200 DMA when trading resumes Monday but I don't see why I should continue to pay the swap fees eat into this new money as well, instead I should let the account liquidate and start with just the new money that I put in, atleast I would save some money on the swap fees. I see no value in holding the unrealized losses, which was my original plan when I didn't know about the swap fees. Any thoughts on this please.