A few Dark Horses

To all Board members
May be there is something wrong which I don't know no one looks at these
(a) Aro Granite-Board meeting on 24 July for bonus consistent dividend of 15
to 20 percent EPS 19 CMP 35 Rs
(b) South Inida Paper mills- Board meeting on 29Jul for bonus CMP Rs36,
Surge in growth and profit witnessed
(c) Raipur Alloys EPS 20 CMP 28 Last dividend 25
(d) Gandhi special tubes -Consistent dividend,CMP 35 Rs EPS expected Rs 15
(e) Talbros Auto EPS 12 CMP Rs 52
(f) KC Bokadis EPS 10 (Annualised), CMP Rs 2.50( this stock may be rigged,I
don't know but KC Bokadia gives respectability to this stock

And so on.Any comments


Super Moderator
Good research cdrin,

With such high EPS and divident yields, they all look like a bargain.

Could you or somebody volunteer to do a fundamental study of these scripts?

It will be a real help to all community members!

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