1. N

    Systematic Equity Investment Portfolio Performance Tracking

    The idea behind starting this thread is to show how a systematic equity investment portfolio performs over a period of time. I believe showing the progress live will help new traders gain confidence in following their strategy even in adverse markets and give them an idea of how a diversified...
  2. path.finder

    Metallica - Rocking the Metals (Trending with MA)

    hi all, been a long time back testing the metals and finally settled on a simple strategy. please note that this is the first live test so do take this with a pinch of salt as of now, lol. i shall put in my trades and thoughts as and when i enter/exit trades and see how it goes. chart period...
  3. P

    Do you think NIFTY is overbought or still has more room upside?

    All sectoral PE ratios have gone thru the roof. I feel like the market has to consolidate. But this uptrend does not show any signs of weakening !:confused: Do you see any downside to markets in this JUNE month ?
  4. M

    How to confirm if market or share is in sideways trend

    We can find up and down trend using moving averages, adx etc. but is their a way to tell whether a market or a share is moving sideways or not; quantitatively?.
  5. M

    How to predict the ending of a trend

    Is there any indicator and techniques (no moving averages) to predict the ending of a trend (up or down)
  6. A

    how to find trending and consolidating patterns in amibroker?

    HI, how to find trending and consolidating patterns in amibroker, when we can find the start of the trending phase, we can make good trades whether buy or sell. every indicator we use macd,rsi, stoch have the base in price and volume only :thumb:
  7. R

    Ehlers Instantaneous Trend Ribbon - Help Pls!

    Hi Dev-Traders, Can anyone please create a Multi-TF ribbon of this Ehler's Trend ? All i know is that one can use "inhourly" / "indaily" / in15mins" etc to code. But how to do it !!?? Please find the code below.. will be grateful if any expert can modify the code to show several...
  8. A

    Nifty Sense of Direction - 4 Weeks Duration

    Hello , I intend to set up an Options Credit spread in the first week of every month , and let it remain for the four weeks till expiry. The spread breakeven point being either 4% above or below than the current value. How do I determine , whether I should choose a bearish spread or...
  9. S

    Naphtha Market Price Report

    Naphtha price went down in the last fortnight mainly due to poor support from energy market. In early the last fortnight, Naphtha prices opened with drastic slide down. In global Naphtha market, selling price reduced mainly due to weak cues from financial sectors. According to market...
  10. sdalal

    RELIANCE stocks: OFF the resistance or Breakout.

    RELIANCE INDS,RELIANCE CAPITAL ,RELIANCE INFRA : All reliance group stocks are in lime light from last week. But in the this bull run all 3 stocks has shown good move upward. see daily chart of three stocks. All are near to its resistance line.. thats the story: what will happen now? They...
  11. sdalal

    so muct tops-A real breakdown

    Below see the daily chart of Jyoti structures. Six times it tried to breakout and failed, and see the results. Always watch double ,triple tops carfully. confirmation needs before we enter.
  12. sdalal

    FTSE: Slowly will kill Himself

    Below is the weekly chart of FTSE 100. AS seen in chart, I see the coming days we see it near 4500.
  13. R

    Why technical indicators dosent work ?

    why technical indicators dosent work?:confused: :)Hello traders my name is suresh new to traderji. I just wanna share a quick thought about technical indicators and why they dosent work all the hear is my understanding with an example :!:--- Immagine that a large...
  14. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh
  15. A

    Amibroker System Development

    Hi All, I was developing a trend following system in Amibroker and have come across several mind-numbing errors. Consider for example, this snippet TimeFrameSet(inWeekly); LongTrend=IIf(EMA(C,11)>EMA(C,22),1,0); ShortTrend=IIf(EMA(C,11)<EMA(C,22),1,0); TimeFrameRestore(); ...