What do you see in Moon? (Trading Systems!)

If you are in hurry and landed in here seeking another thread discussing about fancy indicators and software systems, the thread is not for you. No such tool will be discussed in here.

What you can expect:
Elementary studies on Forex trading, different approaches, why and how things work etc .. to sum it all up we will study the logics and basic details that promises better trades than any Holy Grail Software.

The Idea Behind:
Its been almost a fortnight since I started studying Forex, and I should be honest; its been an amazing journey and best thing that ever happened to me, I know for a fact that this is my lifetime ladder. I should mention that I am in great debt to people around here who have supported me in this journey. Now it's my turn, this is my little contribution.

Some Facts:
Recent studies around Forex published by a key broker reveal that 90% of Forex is speculation and 70% of such speculators lose money as a simple reason they dont have control over the market.

Control over the market!!? Yes; in a moment I will tell you why and how to.

Its to my notice that aspiring trader most often jump into chasing fancy indicators and softwares rather than understanding the foundations of the tool. Look around in this forum (threads indicating mt4 indicators, systems etc ..) how many clicks will such a thread bag and how many does others.

Everybody wants a piece of easy profit. Bad News: there isnt an easy way of making money. Sorry to upset you all its the hard truth.

I have seen many forum members who have complained of losing money because of system x,y,z .. How can you say that when the Fault is all YOURS, believe me the system was accurate and it definitely would have made you warren buffet part two ;).

Hows it my fault Sri, you ask? Answer is what you see in Moon?

Sounding Gibberish? Answer the question and I will explain it all up.
you better go to some free seminars and get something from it.

I am not saying no to your words, other side yes also.
because there is also other side exists.
you better go to some free seminars and get something from it.

I am not saying no to your words, other side yes also.
because there is also other side exists.
Not trying to arrange a free seminar for myself here my friend. it's out of my comprehension as to what triggered that though in you. I am not interested in free biscuits. In fact love hard work and studies, you should check out my other posting, you will see what I mean.

If you read the post patiently (which I mentioned in the beginning, "humbly") you will see I was just trying to crack open a discussion for every ones benefit to stop chasing hypothetical money making tools and software; and to try understanding the basics.

Just a good thing I wanted to do in the free time, that's all.

PS : Forums are for discussing common interest. isn't it?
Are u referring to planetary connection of the markets?Anyways looking fwd 2 ur trading system.
No My friend, I am just asking a simple question, nothing related to trade at all, it's more about Human Psychology, I will explain it to you what I mean; once I see some answers.

for now my question remains.

What to see in Moon?

Here's my answer - "a human face" that's what I see, what do you see?
its a lot of subjective thing,
like most of the trading systems out there....
It is subjective only when you have 2 or more thought on a single idea, but it's not subjective in your perception.

Example : as said earlier in moon I see "a human face". the human face is objective for me, because it's a single conclusive though in my brain, now subjective is when you are going to tell me it isn't and when someone else is going to project altogether a different thought.

Hope you are getting the taste of what I am trying to convey.

Let me know what you see in Moon! keeping objects and subjects aside.

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