1. T

    ShareKhan TradeTiger like Software for Mac

    Hello frens, I have a account with sharekhan and I use Trade tiger for charting on my windows laptop. But my office has only Macs and no windows machines. Are there any softwares like TT that run on Macs and which are not paid ? I know there are some paid charting softwares which run on...
  2. B

    Sharekhan TradeTiger Doubt

    Hello Traders Iam new to trading,I just opend trading account with sharekhan and received TradeTiger as trading platform. I Have RS5000 in my trading Ac And my Broker said I will Get 4X Leverage for Buying/Selling In Intraday equity Cash Segment. During Trading how can i check total...
  3. T

    Problems in Commodity daily charts in Trade Tiger , Please Help

    Hi All, I have this problem while seeing the daily charts of commodities in TradeTiger. I will explain with an example. I am viewing the daily chart of Silvermic Feb 2013 contract , when i see the candle for any day in novermber lets say nov 29 in the chart of silvermic-feb-2013 contract, the...
  4. T

    Is there bracket order in Nest?

    Hello people, As we have bracket order in TradeTiger, do we have such a order in NEST?
  5. T

    New to Sharekhan Trade Tiger 2.2.0 [Please Help]

    Hello Traderji Members, I am very new to Trading. I have recently opened a new Demat account with Sharekhan. I have some doubts regarding Trade Tiger Software (v - 2.2.0) Can anybody tell how to put buy orders for Intraday and Delivery. How to put sell order for Intraday and Delivery...
  6. M

    TradeTiger 2.0 Tech. Assist.

    Dear All, I am using Trade Tiger software for many years (since its launch), for my Trading & Technical Analysis. I am happy to see many Traderji users are using Trade Tiger for your Trading & Technical Analysis. I could also see there were Pros & Cons of Trade Tiger are spreading around...
  7. thestarvingtrader

    Sharekhan's Trade Tiger 2 Feedback Thread

    Hello all! The Starving Trader has been using Sharekhan's Trade Tiger and then TT 2.0.1 for a few months now. This is the only trading software that he has used so far to trade the Indian markets but has been told that TT is pretty much the most advanced broker-provided trading platform...
  8. R


    Hi All, Quite new to day trading, I am using QuoteTracker with NSE RT (Free) feed. I am also having access to TradeRacer (IciciDirect) and TradeTiger (ShareKhan) softwares - Both excellent RT data but have their own limitations and hence, I prefer QuoteTracker. I note that the NSE RT (Free)...
  9. R

    QuoteTracker Data Feed

    Hi All, I use QuoteTracker with NSE Live Feed (FREE). But my experience tells me that it is delayed by about 90 sec - which literally, can break or make my trade - mostly break. I also have TradeRacer (IciciDirect) and TradeTiger (Sharekhan) datafeeds coming in for the same shares - which...
  10. G

    how to sell in 'intraday' in TradeTiger?

    There is no option like 'intraday' or 'delivery' or 'stoploss'. How to select intraday? When i asked customer care, they told me that if the share is squared off on the same day, it would be treated as intraday. Fair enough. sounds logical. But my question is, Not all share can be bought in...
  11. G

    Trade Tiger setup

    Hello People, I have a sharekhan account. I have following problems/queries. - I cannot seem to get the candlestick graph on. How do you go about it? - Can i use any other software like metastock, fibotrader with my sharekhan account? - Is it possible to view historic data on Trade...
  12. V

    Sharekhan Tradetiger now closed proxy suppport

    Last 2 years i am using sharkhan earlier speedtrade later tradetiger.till last month tradetiger is working with proxy server .there is no need to open specific one can trade behind proxy ,but now you can not trade with tt without making changes in proxy server(if you are using proxy).the...