How to show meal and conveyance exemption in salary part?


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Hello members,

In the salary part of ITR, this year it is asking for specific details for exempt income under section 10. However the drop down does not have meal allowance and conveyance allowance? Under which head can I show the same as exempt income? Meal allowance 13200 and conveyance of 19200?
In ITR2 you can add that in Section EI I.e exempted income plus you can add it under Salary Scheduled which is not added to total income.
Hope this helps


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I believe conveyance and HRA exemptions are part of deductions from the employer. hence these are shown in form 16. You have to enter the salary amount after these deductions while entering in the IT website.


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Thank you prst and canikhil. However I cannot find any head in the dropdown for these two in the ITR sheet. Shall I just put them in the other in the deduction part under Salary?

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