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    What do you think about these returns?

    If you look at my MFs & Direct Stocks. I've done better in MFs compared to stocks. Any recommendations or suggestions for this portfolio?
  2. O

    What can be a realistic expectation of returns from Intraday trading?

    Hi, I have been trying a number of strategies for a last few months. I backtest the data and i get some returns. But the most basic question still remains - What can be a realistic expectation of returns from trading? For example- If i have a capital of Rs 1 Lakh, then how much return should i...
  3. C

    Due Date has been Extended

    Hey All The due date for the tax return has been extended by a month.
  4. S

    Review Portfolio returns around 6% in past 1 year

    Hi Guys, I just started investing in mutual funds last year to save tax and yield better returns than FD which hardly beats inflation. I would required you to kindly provide your views and guide me:hap2: I have started with around 2 Mutual funds after doing lot of research online...
  5. F

    Recommend a good tax consultant in Mumbai for filling ITR4

    I live in Dombivali, Thane district, Maharashtra. I'm a full time trader. The tax consultants I have met here simply do not know how to show short term trading (equity) as business income, and not as short term capital gains. They seem to be clueless about calculating the turnover too. They have...
  6. J

    Bank Deposit vs Investment

    Which of these two options of investment is better-Bank deposit or Investment?
  7. S

    Mutual Funds Vs Stocks.

    Hi all, My name is Siddharth Jain based in Mumbai. My first and last interest are stocks but recently Mutual Funds are interesting me :) I still support investments through Stocks only as they give better returns than anything else, provided you control greed / set stop loss. But i...
  8. A

    Calculating Daily Returns for Futures Contract

    I am calculating daily returns for a position in a futures contract. I am a little stuck with margin and how to account for it. I specifically dont understand how return is calculated after Margin account falls below Maintenance Margin. I will ask my issue through an example , please help if...
  9. A

    Mutilple Amt SIP Returns Calculation

    I am investing in MF for quite a time, with the help of the agent. I am investing from 2007, I want to know exact returns(Including Dividends received). I started with Rs 1000/ month, then after 6 months I changed it to 1500/month again after 6 months I changed to 2000/month. So How do I...
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    How to calculate my returns on MF?

    Hello all! I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am very hopeful that I shall get some expert help. I invested in SBI magum equity - Growth via a SIP starting 19-May-2009 till 26-Apr-2010 (12 installments of Rs.2000 each), then I stopped investing on it. My investment looks like...
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    Income tax calculations

    Every year i have this particular problem with my income tax returns I deal in share transactions on a day to day basis i do intra day trades, delivery trades and futures and options i get contract notes daily from my broker how to maintain a excel sheet of all the data pertaining to...
  12. N

    A portfolio with 20% returns

    Hi, I am planning to invest in Mutual funds with following portfolio: 1. HDFC TAX Saver (G) - 18% 2. Sundaram BNP Paribas Tax Saver (G) - 18% 3. Magnum Contra (G) - 22% 4. HDFC Prudence (G) - 12% 5. IDFC Premier Equity (G) - 20% 6. Open Slot - 10% Slot 6 is open as of now. I was...
  13. D

    Taxation for income from forex..

    Hi forex experts... can anyone tell me, the taxation details for income from forex trading via online forex trading platforms? how should we mention the income on our IT returns? Will it be treated as short term capital gains? or as bussiness income? Thanx in advance.