positional calls

  1. N

    Positional trading Calls

    Hi All, I came into the world of trading 3-4 yrs back, did a lot of research ( day n night ), lost a lot of money and finally learnt the art after getting hit over n over n again n again. Only to know that art is an art coming from generations as is and still stands as is. I will post my...
  2. B

    Bank Nifty Futures Trading Diary

    Hey there fellow traders! Starting this thread to paper trade one of my index trading strategies.... 1. I will only be able to post the trades after the market closes. I have a full time job and won't be able to check if the system has given a signal or not. 2. Trades will be entered on...
  3. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Intraday and Positional Calls

    My dear friends, I am starting a new thread today. Here I am going to post intraday and positional calls. Currently I am working with a new system as I said in my thread, before I post my full system I am posting my calls here. Once it goes smooth, I will post the system. I wish all of you...
  4. D

    Positional trade:

    ABAN BUY@685 SL640 TGT 795, JSPL SELL@ 635-650 SL666 TGT580, BAJAJ HIND BUY@102 SL93 TGT115, PANTALOON BUY@358 SL340 TGT397 - LMSPL @ 28th May 2010