Need help in understanding the forex trade brokrage

I am a graduate in Bangalore. For my first job, I have been given an opportunity in a company dealing in Forex, commodities. Being new to this field, I am not sure what exactly does the job entail. I am good at communicating with people.Since I have started to enquire about this particular field, I have have not got a satisfactory and objective answer from anywhere that can draw me a wholesome picture. If anyone can help me out in understanding the pros and cons of this field and what is required to survive in this industry, I would be grateful.

My Job responsibilities include :
1. Meeting/Bringing new client for Investments ( only High Net Worth Investments).
2. Doing trading on their behalf.
3. Providing them advice to them.

Also, I would like to know what is he industry par compensation for this job for a fresher with only rudimentary knowledge of economics and good communication skills. I have been offered a
fixed salary of 10000 per month + depending upon the number of transactions I make(Bonus + Incentives(ranging from 5000-15000 and upwards )+Per transaction commission of Rs.1000 +a Car with a driver.
The hiring manager told me that the average take-out salary for its employees is around 80,000-100,000 per month.
So I am not sure why are they hiring a fresher for such a high paying job.There must be something messy ????:confused:

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