nri trading

  1. Billa

    Non-EU Student in Germany Forex trading Legality

    Hi Traders, I need clarification on few things regarding the regulations in Germany for Non-European student(NRI) who wants to trade in Forex Market. 1) Whether NRI Student (doing PG) in Germany can trade in Forex/ Binary options ? 2) If its Legal for Non-EU student in Germany to trade...
  2. S

    Joint account query

    Hi All, Basically I am a day trader.Now I am going to be an NRI soon.As per SEBI guildeline,an NRI should not do day trading.Still I have trading account in India.I thought adding my dad and mom as joint account holder and ask them do trading on behalf of me. I am not aware of joint...
  3. E

    Hello to all

    To do something in right earnestness is what I believe in. However, it is a challenge to learn if someone returns to stock market investment, especially the commodities market after long years. Does a small NRI investor enjoy the same online trading facilities available for a resident...
  4. A

    Can anyone please explain the NRI taxation policy?

    My friend is an NRI settled in the US for the past 6 years..he wants to come back here and invest in stocks and shares..can someone pls explain the taxation policy that would be applicable to him?
  5. N

    Hi All - Any NRI's around here

    Hello everyone...Found this forum while searching for "opening trading account in India". I'm staying in US currently and would like to open a trading account in India. Would like to know which site offers trading platform for NRI's? Please let me know. TIA.
  6. B

    Trading rules for Non resident of India (NRI)

    Hi Guys, Can anyone explain the rules and regulations for NRI for online trading in Indian equity market. 1) If NRI gets an online trading account to trade Indian stock market by simply producing his PAN number and proof of residence and other relevant documents regardless showing any...